Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to popular questions we receive. I hope this is super helpful & please feel free to contact us if your question is not listed here.

How can I contact the organizer?
You can contact Renee at 651.210.0278, click Contact Us, send us a message on Facebook or e mail
What area do you service?
We service a majority of MN and Western WI.
What is a Pallet Painting Party?
We offer two types of Pallet Painting Parties. A private party is organized by one person (the hostess) for a group they invite. A public party is organized by Rather Bee Crafting and open to anyone to attend. (Children must be accompanied by an adult). Each person attending decides ahead of time what design to make and pays in advance on our registration website. The signs are handmade by Rather Bee Crafting, assembled, sanded and made to your specification of straight or staggered board orientation. During the party guests will stain the signs the color of their choice, apply an adhesive stencil, and paint the color of their choice. We provide all supplies, clean up and set up as well as step by step instructions so everyone leaves with a one-of-a-kind completed sign.
Why do we have to preorder for Pallet Painting Parties?
We make every sign and stencil to order; therefore, we need enough time to create all the supplies for you before you arrive. We prefer all orders are received one week prior to the event.
What classes do you offer with Community Education?
We collaborate with several local school’s community education departments on a variety of classes for school age and middle age students, as well as adults. We also offer several craft camps during summer vacation and non-school days. Some of our past and current classes include but are not limited to; cupcake decorating and food crafts, painting, wood crafts, wearable art, jewelry making, gardening, seasonal crafts and many more DIY project’s. All registrations for community education classes are handled by the individual school. You can see all our upcoming school classes on our website under EVENTS. The class description and link to register will be listed for each class.
How do I register for a Public Class?
We offer different registration methods for school community education classes then we do for private and public events.

School class registers are handled by the individual school community education departments. You can see all our upcoming school classes on our website under EVENTS. The class description and link to register will be listed for each class. Our public and private events can be found on our website under REGISTER HERE. After selecting the event you want to attend, you will select the size sign or project you want to make, the design, and how you would like your boards orientated: straight or staggered. After that you’re ready to check out. You will choose stain and paint colors at the event.

How do I book a private party?
​If you would like to book a private party the first thing we will need is to secure the date of your event. The best way to do this is to go to CONTACT US on our website at tell us the date, time, location, craft project you would like to make, and approximate number of guests you are expecting to attend. We will then contact you and provide a Private Party Agreement form that gives all the details and hostess requirements to finalize your event preparation.
How many people can we have at a party?
We prefer a minimum of 8 participants. The maximum is determined by the available space.
What if I register but can't come to the class or party?
If you registered for a community education class and need to cancel, please contact the school for their cancellation policy.

If you need to cancel a public or private party registration, we will gladly transfer your registration to another event or provide you a refund 72 hours prior to the event.

What if I'm not "crafty"?
No artistic experience is required to make our crafts! Our instructors guide you step-by-step and are there to assist you every step of the way! We find pleasure is making sure you leave our events with a project you love!
What should I wear?
We provide an apron and disposable gloves to all our guests. Please keep in mind the wood stain and paint we use will not wash out of clothing, purses, cell phone covers or other personal items. Please dress for mess and prepare to have fun!
What if we don't like any of the project options?
If you would like to create something that you don’t see on our website, please go to the CONTACT US tab and let us know what you are looking for. We will do our best to accommodate your request.
How do I hang my wood sign when I get home?
You may use whatever you like as a sign hanger. We will provide you with a Hanger Kit that includes screws and wire to attach to the back of your sign.
What if I want to make the project but cannot attend the class or party?
Several of our craft projects and pallet signs are available as a kit which includes all the supplies and instructions. Please go to the CONTACT US tab and let us know which project you would like to make on your own. We will work with you to get the colors you supplies you request and decide on delivery arrangements.
Do you sell stencils?
All our sign designs are available for purchase in either adhesive or reusable stencil material. Please go to the CONTACT US tab and let us know the stencil you are interested in. We will then provide you pricing information and arrange to get it to you. Please also use this method if you are interested in a custom stencil design.
What if I just want the supplies for a party & we do not need an instructor, or the date does not work for you and I?
No need to stop the party! We are happy to prepare a Hostess Party Kit for the project of your choice. All supplies and instructions are included. Please go to the CONTACT US tab and let us know what you would like to make and the date of your event. We will then arrange to get you the supplies needed.
What else does Rather Bee Crafting Offer?
We love to craft and have a good time so watch our website calendar under OTHER EVENTS to see all the fun stuff we are up too! We attend EXPO’s, craft fairs, festivals, lady’s night out and other random events! During these events you will find us offering create and take craft projects, glitter tattoos, slime stations, sand art and other fun activities. You can also see all our events on our Facebook page
How do I get Rather Bee Crafting to come to our event & do some of their "other" activities?
We would be happy to provide an activity for your upcoming event! Please go to the CONTACT US tab and let us know what event you would like us to attend, date and time. We will then work with you to create a fun experience for the big day!